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establish compression as an ordinary and fixed mode of cure. In 1842, Mr.
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cinnamon 1 oz., lavender-flowers 1 oz., styrax 2 dr., benzoin 2
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greatly impaired through failure to observe the position of the
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place. They develop most luxuriantly in localities where the skin is
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fV^4W bronchial tube, the size of a crow-quill, at the other extremity of
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A disease — called by the French ' Maladie du Coit ' (a
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and crusts. A detailed description of the fungi and
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the walls of the vessels — further, quinine having the power of
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out, and everything brought away down to the shell of the sac and
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when it is kept accessible to oxygen with access of light.
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McNairy. Caroline, Lenoir; Woman's Med. Coll. of Pa., 1917.... 1917 1919
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Fig. 2 — A uterogram showing positive proof that the
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the healtliy cow it is x)ure, and free from germs. If it is
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a discussion. Reports of committees and election of officers
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It is stated that during one week in last month no fewer than
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fracture, we attempt to remove all those detached spiculse of bone; and
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tions he considers it the business of the sufferer to settle.
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towards the rectum, or inwards towards the prostatic portion of
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There was heredity in ascendants in at least nine of
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on malignant cases. Although in tliese cases the opera-
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training (though still encouraging the expert to further ambitions)
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matches and laces, or by singing in the gutter, is of course very great.
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sons with a feeble predisposition to this disease often escape, if they be
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Undoubtedly, the speaker said, this girl had had both
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unless all three concurred in the diagnosis, nor could
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