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Pregnancy and Nepliritis.— Heinrich ^ reports 4 cases of
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attack and relapse these organisms are present, but they disappear, or
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the Society has done more tljan train good workers; it has
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reference to car sanitation. By Thomas B. McClintic.
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the process of digestion it is only necessary to fill an ordinary Doremus
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found to be without perichondrium ; bare and rough to the extremity of
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piece of linen dipped in cold water, while the granulations arc shooting up; after-
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be so long dressed with creasote water that, although
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A communication was received from Dr. Peters, of Te-
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smallest possible needle in patients without a coagulation
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phthalein and an accumulation of nitrogen in the blood, there was a
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mained some time in the neighbourhood of tbe spring, and re-
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care, one occurred at nine years and two at ten years ; the others
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Now, to converse with these women, it was impossible to discover any
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cholera and 99 deaths. In Russia, cases are still re-
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of all mental disturbance and ungovernable craving, we shall
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Symptoms autd Coubse. — ^We shall treat separately of the symp-
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I>iijardin-Ueaninet/., the |iresi(lciit of the cotninittee, says lio
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times, or in different lesions of the same case, the entire
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May I request that yon will give this note an insertion in your Jour-
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vous system, the muscles, the nervous mechanism of the heart, and some
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seeing as well as feeling what one was about, and it was
to indigestion or disturbance of the gastro-intestinal tract.

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